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Why Employers Choose Personnel Dynamics

Whether your need is for quality temporary workers or to fill a permanent opening, Personnel Dynamics has the experience and network to ensure not just any employee, but the RIGHT employee.


We strive to connect qualified people who will fit into your work atmosphere with ease. Let us know what you are
looking for!

You won’t be caught in a revolving door of staff turnover in our office. That means you can spend your time focusing on meaningful work instead of constantly building new relationships with a recruiting firm.

Personnel Dynamics’s Right Fit is an ongoing process built with your company’s unique staffing needs in mind.

Proactive Recruitment Strategies

  • Mining relationship networks

  • Source hidden talents

  • Community referrals

Identify Qualified Candidates

  • Determine knowledge, skills & abilities

  • Screen for success factors

  • Assess career goals and focus

  • Add to our Candidate Database

The Right Fit

Profile for


Your Company

  • Understand your business model, goals and company culture​

  • Define your staffing needs and job specifications

  • Discuss and resolve any previous staffing challenges

  • Customize your staffing plan and compatibility profile

  • Identify all career opportunities

Our Candidates

  • Filter our Candidate Database to meet your job specifications

  • Re-interview matched candidates to ensure compatibility

  • Discuss and present specifics for your existing job openings

  • Prepare the candidate to interview with you

Flexible Staffing with Zero Administrative Hassle
Sometimes you don’t require recruiting talent for your project, part-time job, or temporary staffing needs. You know who you want to do the work.

You just need a way to pay them –that doesn’t expose your organization to independent contractor liability or create extra administrative work.

Payrolling is the perfect solution for:

  • Interns

  • Seasonal Hires

  • Returning Employees

  • Referral Hires

  • Probationary Hires

  • “Working Interviews”

  • Freelancers

Benefits for the Employer

  • Reduced administrative hassle

  • Ability to staff up or down, quickly and easily

  • Eliminate liability associated with independent contractor compliance

  • No long term commitment, with the ability to hire after 90 days – with no additional fees.


Benefits for the Employee

  • Quick and painless sign-up

  • Weekly pay via paycheck or direct deposit

  • Locally processed payroll for quick answers

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